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HyS Business Solutions, a leader in outsourcing services, has been driving efficiency in various sectors for more than a decade. Our global experience covers Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador, providing tailor-made solutions for each client.



We are pleased to inform you that our organization enjoys a strong geographical presence and wide reach, with strategically established locations in the United States, Guatemala, Mexico and El Salvador. Our extensive network allows us to provide a high level of service in these regions, evidencing our commitment to excellence and the development of sustainable and effective relationships with our clients.





El Salvador

El Salvador

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Grupo HyS US LLC in Florida United States, We are a business group specialized in outsourcing services of the highest level. We are leaders in the management of human resources and generation of outsourcing services in the United States. Grupo HyS was founded in order to provide a global service to Public and Private Companies, Schools, Hospitals, shopping centers, hotels, etc., in outsourcing services.

Our services

At our organization, we offer a variety of services designed to meet your specific needs. Our portfolio of services covers multiple areas, which allows us to be your comprehensive solution for all your demands. Each service is provided with the utmost professionalism and dedication to the success of your project.


Our maintenance service guarantees optimal and safe operation of your facilities and equipment. With a team of highly qualified experts and a proactive approach, we strive to prevent problems before they arise. Your peace of mind is our priority.

Agencia de empleo

As a premier employment agency, we connect exceptional talent with outstanding job opportunities. Our mission is to facilitate the meeting between qualified candidates and companies in search of new incorporations. We make the hiring process simple, efficient and effective.

Aplica para trabajar en USA

We take you to the USA temporarily to work for 6 months in the agricultural and non-agricultural area. Our service is immigration assistance so that you travel legally and orderly to the United States. We are constantly looking for people with your talent and who are willing to work hard in different trades.

Algunos de Nuestros Clientes

Nuestros clientes son el corazón de nuestra organización. Colaboramos con una amplia variedad de empresas, desde startups hasta corporaciones multinacionales, a las que brindamos servicios personalizados y de alta calidad. Estamos comprometidos con su éxito, y nos enorgullece ser su socio de confianza en la búsqueda y contratación de talento.

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Grupo HyS US is the SOLUTION that our clients need for their Residences, Offices, hotels, Commerce and Industry. We have a wide catalog of specialized services in different areas, we are your strategic ally.
"We make the impossible possible."

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